Author of works at the intersection of poetry, visual art and programming.

Jaka Železnikar is a pioneering author of net art and online e-literature. After his book debut was published in 1994 (54,000 besed - 54,000 Words, a collection of poetry and short stories), he created his first drafts of online works in 1996. In 1997 he published Interaktivalija/Interactivalia, the first Slovenian collection of online interactive poetry, with which he became one of the pioneers of net art and online electronic literature.
In addition to web pages and websites, mediums of his work include web and mobile applications, browser add-ons, a floppy disk, books and e-books, as well as a puppet robot that tells location-based stories.
In his work, he combines elements of poetry, visual art and programming. He exhibits and publishes internationally.

Jaka Železnikar holds an MA in Creative Writing and New Media (De Montfort University, UK, 2010).


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